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Can I use this image?

Reproductie in any form of images found on David Bleeker without prior permission in writing or by obtaining an usage license is prohibited.

This includes copying, downloading or hot-linking for use on a website, blog, facebook, myspace, twitter, google+ or message boards or any other place without first negotiating a licence or obtaining written permission prior to publication from David Bleeker Photography.

I found the image on Google do I still need a license?

Google is a search engine to find information on the web, to be able to do that effectively they index the images on the web. Many internet users wrongly assume that when they find an image on Google it is OK to use. The copyright of images found on the internet via any search engines or on websites still belongs to the respective owner, and you will need a license to use and/or display them on your own website or or Social media page.

Social Media

You are welcome to share links to the website on blogs websites and social media, the thumbnail which is automatically generated is no problem but no full size images should be put on pinterest or other social media pages without permission.

Images found on this website can be licensed directly from this website for use in most publications.

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