Image Licensing for Publication

Licensing for Publication

“A picture is worth a thousand words”  that is never been more true. Any publication from newspapers, magazines, to corporate reports and websites are full of images.

On this website you find now a simplified license calculator. Licenses are all rights managed or ‘RM’ but the corporate licenses are more extensive in that they cover multiple uses within one organisation.

You might of course be looking for extended license terms, exclusivity or any other requirements, Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. in the calculator for please save required images in a lightbox, add your specific use in the space provided and use the link at the bottom of the page: ‘Request a quotation for this selection’

Licenses available directly from this website

All Digital Media: Includes usage by one Company for: Apps, Email promos, Social Media, Website, Blog. Limited to the selected resolution.

Print Editorial: Editorial use in one of these: Magazine, Newspaper, Book

Internal Corporate Use: Unlimited Internal use within one Company including: digital (intranet, presentations etc.) or print. Not for public consumption.

Marketing: Includes: Direct Mail, Corporate Report/Presentation, Sales Give-away and Business Cards, Calendar or Greeting Card, Brochure (Cover/Interior), Trade-show (Banners/Displays), Digital Media (Web/Social)

Advertising: Any advertising/advertorial use in: Magazine, Newspaper, Trade Display (Print/Digital), Event Advertising (Programs/Tickets), Digital Media (Web/Social)

Custom License: Contact me for any special requests, Special License Terms i.e. Exclusivity, Extended Terms, Multiple Categories etc.

Terms and condition for the download licenses can be found here.

Payment Options

Payments can be made with most Credit/Debit cards and are handled securely on the website by Stripe or via Paypal

For a company invoice or other payment options please contact me by phone or by email.

Do I need a License?

I often get the question ‘do I need a license to use this image?  It is just for a …’  In short: ‘Yes’. You need a license to use any of the images found on this website for publication on the web or in print. Of course the license fee is not set in stone, but do not use an image without my permission, you can always contact me to see if we can make a deal.

I found the image on Google do I still need a license?

Google is a search engine to find information on the web, to be able to do that effectively they index the images on the web. Many internet users wrongly assume that when they find an image on Google it is OK to use. The copyright of images found on the internet via any search engines or on websites still belongs to the respective owner, and you will need a license to use and/or display them on your own website or or Social media page.

Go for more info to the Copyright page.

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