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New Web host

I finally switched from Sitesell to a new web host for my new website and blog. Sitesell was great for building a website with the advantage that it included all the tools needed. When I think of it the keyword brainstormer and the master keyword list were great as are the SEO guidance and the page builder, and I can go on…

If you like to make a good working, money earning info site which is performing and does all the nerdy stuff for you have a look at Sitesell for yourself.

Why leaving?

So you might wonder why I left? The only reason is that Sitesell is not really working for heavily image based sites. For example there is no batch upload function for images and Sitesell has a file limit of 100Kb. For me as a photographer Sitesell was not working.

That is why I switched to Westhost where I will run am running a WordPress based site and use Photoshelter for image galleries, downloads, image distribution and stock licensing.

I have still a lot of work to do but the updates will follow soon, existing galleries and new images will be added in the coming days and weeks.

If you arrived here because you found an image via Google or another search engine and are looking to license it, contact me via the contact page or by email and I will try to make it available as soon as possible.

Update: Switched to Photodeck for image handling from January 2014