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Super Blood Moon 2015

Super Blood Moon - Westminster, London

Super Blood Moon – Westminster, London

On the 28th of September there was the rare occasion of a Super moon and Lunar eclipse.  The eclipse started at 1:10 and lasted till 6:24 am. I decided to get some pictures of the totality only which is the time that the moon would have a red colour.

The trajectory of the moon on that day was fairly high which is the reason I decided to go to Parliament buildings as I knew could line up some interesting features with the moon.

Both images shot with a 300mm lens.

Rotterdam – Architecture

I visited Rotterdam for a few days in May April and spend some time with my good friend Rob de Voogd photographing this nice city. These few day produced enough material for a separate image gallery of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is in southern part of the Netherlands and is home to the busiest port in the World and has a population of about 620,000. Definitely a modern city with a nice blend of old and new architecture.

Great Architecture in Rotterdam

There are many architectural highlights in Rotterdam. The most famous is probably the Erasmus bridge over the Nieuwe Maas (New Maas) river designed by: UNStudio. But the new central train station with a daring modern triangular roof over the main entrance cladded with stainless steel might become just as iconic. The station was designed by a collaboration of Benthem Crouwel Architects and MVSA and completed by early 2014.

The latest addition to the skyline is ‘The Rotterdam’ a 44 stories modern multifunctional building designed by Rem Koolhaas. This Tower next to the Erasmus bridge won the 2014 price for the best tall building in Europe.


Rotterdam – Gallery by David Bleeker Photography

Other fun things to do:

  • Visit the Euro mast a 122m high viewing platform with a great view of the city and the New Maas river.
  • take one of the many available boat rides or water taxis on the Nieuwe Maas (New Maas) River.
  • And if you visit the Netherlands for the first time there are lots of other nice destinations like Amsterdam and The Hague nearby.

Click here to find the Rotterdam Photography Gallery

Rotterdam Photographs for sale

8mm – 180 degrees

I got this 8mm-180 degrees circular fish-eye for some virtual tours and really that is probably the only sensible use for this lens. It is hard to find other useful applications for this extreme circular fish-eye, so it is not very often in my bag. But when that happens it is fun to experiment to see what can be done with it.

I must say the sharpness and built quality is amazing. Chromatic aberration is very well controlled with very little need for correction.

Here the Willis Building and the Lloyds building in the City of London.

Willis - Lloyds - 8mm-180 degrees

Willis – Lloyds – 8mm-180 degrees – ©David Bleeker

5D markII Sigma 8mm f/3.5  30 seconds at f/11

Opening of ‘The Shard’

The Shard was officially opened on the the 5th of June 2012, almost a week ago. This is for the moment the highest building in Europe at 310m (1016ft). I did already post an image on Google+ but I have finally processed some more images of the  light and laser show which were staged.

The Shard, Opening 5 July 2012.

The Shard, Opening 5 July 2012.

Next to London Bridge station I think it looks pretty good in the Skyline of London, As a building on its own it is quit bland. It is actually difficult to believe that it is of a similar height as the Eiffel tower that is probably because of the sleek design and the fact that it is removed from the towers in the City and Canary Wharf.

Information about the laser show was very sketchy, some news sites said that it would be a 20 minutes show which could be seen from all over London. I expected that the best views would be on the North side of the river between St Katherine’s Dock and  Black Friars Bridge.

I contemplated to go to Kenwood or Primrose Hill for a view of the new Skyline. In the end I set up opposite the Shard next to the Old Billingsgate Market. Good that it was low tide and still outgoing at 9:00 PM. It worked out to be next to the the section of footpath closed off for the opening party which was held at the Old Billingsgate market.

It was a pretty good place as the show was clearly concentrated, on the Venue where the VIP party was.  In the end only 2 sides of the tower were lit so the north side was the right choice. I might have taken another approach if I would have had more info, in the end the laser show lasted almost an hour.  With that knowledge I might have started to photograph from St Katherines Docks or Blackfriars bridge and moved towards the Shard during the Laser show.

I tried different settings long  and short shutter speeds low and high ISOs with different effects, I still have to have a look at the the data more closely to see which setting gave the best results.

This image was shot at 5sec, F/7.1 at ISO 320

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