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Rotterdam – Architecture

I visited Rotterdam for a few days in May April and spend some time with my good friend Rob de Voogd photographing this nice city. These few day produced enough material for a separate image gallery of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is in southern part of the Netherlands and is home to the busiest port in the World and has a population of about 620,000. Definitely a modern city with a nice blend of old and new architecture.

Great Architecture in Rotterdam

There are many architectural highlights in Rotterdam. The most famous is probably the Erasmus bridge over the Nieuwe Maas (New Maas) river designed by: UNStudio. But the new central train station with a daring modern triangular roof over the main entrance cladded with stainless steel might become just as iconic. The station was designed by a collaboration of Benthem Crouwel Architects and MVSA and completed by early 2014.

The latest addition to the skyline is ‘The Rotterdam’ a 44 stories modern multifunctional building designed by Rem Koolhaas. This Tower next to the Erasmus bridge won the 2014 price for the best tall building in Europe.


Rotterdam – Gallery by David Bleeker Photography

Other fun things to do:

  • Visit the Euro mast a 122m high viewing platform with a great view of the city and the New Maas river.
  • take one of the many available boat rides or water taxis on the Nieuwe Maas (New Maas) River.
  • And if you visit the Netherlands for the first time there are lots of other nice destinations like Amsterdam and The Hague nearby.

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Harpa Concert Hall – Reykjavik’s amazing Architecture

This is the Harpa Concert Hall Conference centre in Reykjavik, which I visited on the last day of a 9 day holiday in Iceland. Iceland is an amazing destination. The scenery of Iceland is superb with glaciers, volcanoes, geysers,  waterfalls and above all, great light.

Harpa Concert Hall

Reykjavik’s Harpa concert hall is a must see for anyone who loves modern architecture. The striking glass façade is based on the basalt structures found all over the country.

Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik

Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik – ©David Bleeker

The interior has a lot of contrast It is light because of the glass on the outside and dark because of the black concrete used throughout the building. I love to revisit this building at night to see the lighting of the façade.

The building is situated right at the waterfront with a view of the harbour and the surounding mountains. The design was a collaboration between Danish Henning Larsen Architects and Olafur Eliasson who designed the glass façade.
This year (2013) the building won the Mies van de Rohe Award (European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture).

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Paris Skyline

When researching for my trip to Paris, I found that Parc de Belleville  in the 20th arrondissement was tipped to have great views.

Paris Sunset

The Skyline of Paris with the Eiffel Tower and an amazing sunset

Montmartre is the more famous spot, but Parc de Belleville has the views without the tourists. And as this spot is more east of the city there is a better view of the Eiffel tower with the sun setting in the west.  I am normally not chasing a sunset but this particular evening we had the most amazing sunset which completed this image of the Paris skyline, definitely the right place at the right time. An earlier shot in Parc de Belleville can be found here and this is a link to the Paris Gallery

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Paris in Four Days.

Last week I spend four days shooting in Paris together with a friend and colleague Rob de Voogd from Our trains arrived at Gare du Nord  within 15 min of each other.The long list of shooting locations we made meant that the weekend was packed from very early in the morning till late in the evening. To get to all the locations we would travel by metro which made the 5 day Visité pass the best choice as it also gives discount on different attractions.  Being used to swiping an Oyster card we were pretty surprised to get a very low tech paper ticket with paper counterpart with number and name filled out by hand.

Eiffel Tower, Paris at Autumn

Eiffel Tower reflected in the park pond with stunning autumn coloured trees.

The first day the weather was not what we hoped for grey and foggy but the rest of the days were pretty much perfect. Here is a first selection of images I have processed so far.

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Liège Guillemins

In September I was on holiday in France for 2 weeks on the way back I made a detour to photograph the train station in Liège, Belgium.  Liège Guillemins as it is called was opened in 2009 and is designed by the famous Spanish architect Santigo Calatrava.

Liège Guillemins train station

Liège Guillemins train station

In the evening we arrived in Liège the sun had already set but I still managed to take some pictures. The next morning the weather was overcast not what I hoped for, but I still spend a few hours taking pictures inside making use of the soft light. Two days later the forecast was better so I went back very early before sunrise and had a perfect blue sky.  The roof creates great shadow patterns and scatters the light making the place really bright.

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